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  • Guard your wallet as well as your heart.

    A romance scam is when a new love interest says they love you, but they really just love your money - and may not be who they say they are.

    Report in-person romance scams to local law enforcement. Report online romance scams to FTC.gov/complaint.

    Be on the lookout for these warning signs of a romance scam:
    • A new love who lives far away asks you to wire them money or share your credit card number with them - even if they say they'll pay you back.
    • Your new romantic interest asks you to sign a document that would give them control of your finances or your house.
    • Your new sweetheart asks you to open a new joint account or co-sign a loan with them.
    • Your new darling asks for access to your bank or credit card accounts.
  • Spoil your grandkids, not scammers!

    Beware of scammers pretending to be your grandchild, relative, or friend.
    Often they claim to be in trouble - usually in jail or stranded in a foreign country, and ask you to send money.

    Report grandparent scams to the Federal Trade Commission at FTC.gov/complaint or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.

    They may ask you to send cash by mail or buy gift cards. They often beg you to keep it a secret and act fast before your start to question.

    Is it really your loved one or an imposter?
    • Don't panic! Take a deep breath and get the facts.
    • Don't send money unless you're sure it's the real person who contact you. Hang up and call your grandchild or friend's phone number to see if the story checks out. You could also call a different friend or relative.
    • Is the person asking for gift cards? If someone is really in need, gift cards won't help.
  • Tech Support Scams

    Here's how they work:

    You get a pop up or other urgent message from someone saying your computer is infected. It might seem like the message comes from a well-known company like Microsoft or Apple, or maybe your internet service provider. It tells you there are viruses or other malware on your computer. It says you have to call a number or risk losing your personal data.

    But is this threat - or their problem - real? Judging by reports to the Federal Trade Commission, no. These are scammers who want to sell you useless services, steal your credit card number, or get access to your computer to install malware, which could then let them see everything on your computer.
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